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Altrelingue method

The Communicative Methodology: from the start, our students get to the heart of their chosen language. In the beginning, the success of the communicative approach is more important than mere formal results, as it promotes students’ communication skills rather than simply focusing on grammar or phonetic perfection.

It’s a rational methodology that bases the learning process of a foreign language on conversation, developing grammar and syntactic analysis of the contents acquired through it. Using this methodology, students are constantly stimulated to pay attention both to fluency and structural aspects.  In the communicative approach you learn from “mistakes”: you get to the rule or right comprehension and grammar competence by deduction, using the traditional approach only when necessary. Along with learning a second language, students acquire comprehension strategies.

The teaching process is also supported by textbooks written by native speakers as a guideline for the projects. Moreover, particular attention is given to students’ personal
experiences and situations, which are a very precious contribution to lesson contents. Using the language in improvised situations creates serendipitous learning opportunities.

The Communicative methodology is student-oriented and involves the 4 communication macro-competences:

  • listening 
  • speaking
  • reading
  • writing according to the European Common Frame. 

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